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      Dick, scribbling hurriedly, passed a note to Sandy, who read it in the light of the flash, and then passed both paper and light to Jeff.

      "You say you're union," he said. "If that's so, you've nothin' to fear from us. We're union soldiers. But what was that signal with the horn, and where was this girl goin'?""Grave for one!" called out Shorty to the boys with the pick and shovel, as if he were giving an order in a restaurant. "Full size, and hurry up with it."

      "Never," shouted the 'Squire, who had begun to recover his self-confidence. "Never, as long as I live. I've sworn allegiance to the Southern Confederacy, and won't take no other oath."

      "What's the matter, 'Squire?"



      Day was just breaking when Shorty came galloping back.Two of the boys appeared with an old mattock and shovel.


      "What in the world do you mean by that, Shorty?" asked the Deacon in surprise.